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What are the Best Ebike Trails in the US?

best ebike trail in the US
The best part of biking in the US is the breathtaking scenery, the exhilarating up close and personal views, and the ability to stop and take in your surroundings.

There is no better way to experience the thrilling terrain of the United States than on an e-bike. The best part of biking in the US is the breathtaking scenery, the exhilarating up close and personal views, and the ability to stop and take in your surroundings.

The Best Ebike Trails for Easy, Scenic Rides

The Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail, California

This 36-mile paved path is the ultimate ride featuring sweeping ocean views and beautiful coves for a show-stopping, easy ride.

Fruit Loop Trail, Traverse City, Michigan

This 26-mile paved loop meanders along rolling hills past orchards and vineyards for a fun, easy ride.

Chief Ladiga Trail, Alabama & Georgia

This scenic 62-mile rail-trail rolls through beautiful countryside and charming little towns.

The Trail of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

This trail consists of a paved 21-mile route that takes you past pristine lakes, forests, and the imposing Coeur d’Alene mountains.

Greenway Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

This trail, also known as the Hermit Road, features jaw-dropping canyon views. It is a paved 8-mile path that is an easy ride.

Great Allegheny Passage, Pennsylvania & Maryland

This 150-mile crushed gravel trail boasts breathtaking mountain vistas peppered with historic landmarks.

Best Ebike Trails for Moderate Adventure

Moab’s Slickrock Trails, Utah

Experience the thrill of Moab’s red rock landscape featuring trails like Hell’s Revenge and Porcupine Rim. This trail is for Class-1 e-bikes only.

Kingdom Trails, Vermont

This 100-mile interconnected network of trails offers everything from beginner to expert rides that weave through forests and mountains.

Noble Canyon Trail, California

Traverse rolling hills and oak-laden woodlands on this 14-mile dirt trail that features moderate climbs interspersed with technical sections.

GAP Trail, Pennsylvania

This 150-mile crushed gravel trail is a former railroad line that meanders past historical sites, lush farmland, and spectacular river vistas.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The North Pathway features paved paths with stunning views and single-track trails in Teton National Park.

Katy Trail, Missouri

This 237-mile crushed gravel trail offers moderate elevation changes, with rolling hills and charming towns.

For the Ultimate Thrill-Seeker: Ebike Trails Requiring Advanced/Technical Skills

Backbone Trail, California

This is a demanding 50-mile single-track trail with steep climbs, rocky descents, and stunning coastline views.

Phil’s World Trail, Nevada

This is a 14-mile, expert-only trail that runs through the heart of Reno. Blast through challenging rock gardens and discover the thrill of high-speed, hair-raising descents.

Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

This extensive network of technical single-track trails with varying difficulty levels boasts stunning Southern Appalachian scenery.

Kettle Valley Rail Trail, Washington

This is a 43-mile gravel trail that cruises through rugged canyons and dense forests. Take in breathtaking vistas while navigating steep grades for a thrilling ride. 

Crested Butte, Colorado

This trail offers a network of single-track trails that range from beginner to expert. You’ll find stunning mountain views and challenging climbs.

Other Considerations Before Planning a Trip

It is important to do your research before setting out on your next adventure. At Electrified Ebikes, we recommend researching trail conditions and confirming difficulty levels before hitting the road.

Check local regulations to ensure your ebike adheres to the local laws for your selected trail. Make choices based on your skill level, riding style, and the terrain and scenery you want to experience.

Electrified Ebikes have a wide variety of styles and classes to fit your needs. Schedule a free test drive and chat with our professionals to get you outfitted for your next adventure. The stunning landscape of the US is ready for you to conquer it!

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