Electric Bike Sales and Service in the Tampa Area

Ebike Financing Options

With affordable financing options, you can take your new ebike home today. 

A new ebike is a serious investment—but there’s no need to break the bank. Like any other big purchase, it makes sense to pay off your ebike over time.

And now, you can leave your credit card out of it.

Buy now, pay later with our in-house financing

With our in-house financing, you can be out the door with as little as $50 down and pay for your bike in low monthly installments.

Who qualifies?

Over 95% of customers qualify—all you need is proof of employment and a U.S. bank account.

To get started, let one of our sales representatives know you’re interested in financing your new ebike. They’ll help you get set up with our in-house financing options and get out the door with your new ride. 

Electric Bike Sales in the Tampa Area

Low-APR Financing on All New Ebike Purchases

Velotric bikes are designed for a ride that feels as great as it looks.

As Little As $50 Down

With down payments as low as $50, you can take your new ebike home today. 

Affordable Monthly Payments

Big purchase? No problem. Pay your bike off in low monthly installments. We offer low APR options!

Custom Financing Options

With several financing options to choose from, there’s a plan for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

We perform a soft inquiry, so your credit won’t be affected.

Interest rates and fees depend on which financing option you choose.

Yes , financing is available for new ebike and accessories purchases.

Our sales representatives can help you get approved in just a few minutes. You may also apply online.

If you miss a payment or are no longer able to make monthly payments, contact our financing team to discuss your situation.