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Benefits of Electric Bike Fat Tires

Benefits of Electric Bike Fat Tires

Fat tires rule the ride. The popularity of the electric bike fat tire is due to its distinct advantage over the traditional bike tire. The wide, balloon-like tires are “the choice” for off-road adventure.
5 Ways to Customize Your Ebike

5 Ways to Customize Your Ebike

Just as your personal style is a reflection of who you are, a customized ebike can be a powerful statement of your individuality and connection to your ride.
ebike repair

Ebike Tire Repair: What to Do When You Have a Flat

Flat tires can happen whether you’re out on the trail or commuting to work. Being prepared with the knowledge of ebike tire repair is an essential part of ebike ownership.
regular ebike service

How Often Should an Electric Bike Be Serviced?

Electric bikes are a fun, environmentally friendly way to tackle your daily commute. However, they are machines that need regular maintenance to protect your investment and provide optimal safety and performance.
ebike health benefits

Ebike Health Benefits: What to Know

The idea that ebikes provide no exercise is a fallacy. Even though ebikes have motor assistance, they also require physical exertion, and here’s how:
ebike insurance guide

Your Guide to Ebike Insurance

Ebike insurance is not required in most states, but it is worth considering because it offers valuable protection when it comes to these situations:
fastest ebikes ranked

Fastest Electric Bikes Ranked

When determining the fastest electric bike, it is also vital to understand Federal speed limits for electric bikes. The top speed limit in the United States is 20-28 mph
Understanding Ebike Classes: A Guide to Class 1, 2 and 3 Ebikes

Understanding Ebike Classes: A Guide to Class 1, 2 and 3 Ebikes

Let’s unravel the mystery of Classes 1, 2, and 3 e-bikes based on speed, motor assistance, terrain, style, and regulations.
Ebike vs. Electric Scooter

Ebike vs. Electric Scooter: Which is Better?

Buckle up, urban warriors; what’s better, an ebike or an electric scooter? Who will be crowned the champion? Let’s compare your options.