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Ebike Tire Repair: What to Do When You Have a Flat

ebike repair
Flat tires can happen whether you’re out on the trail or commuting to work. Being prepared with the knowledge of ebike tire repair is an essential part of ebike ownership.

Flat tires can happen whether you’re out on the trail or commuting to work. Being prepared with the knowledge of ebike tire repair is an essential part of ebike ownership.

There are two types of tires on an ebike: tube and tubeless. Ebike tire repair is different depending on the type of tire, so it is important to know how to handle each type.

To simplify the process, Electrified E-bikes offer tire repair and replacement to ensure the job is done correctly. Changing a tire, especially a tubeless tire, can be challenging. 

Tube vs. Tubeless Tires

Tube tires consist of an inner tube inside of an outer tire. The tube is filled with air and placed inside the outer tire.

Tubeless tires are like car tires. This type of tire does not have an inner tube. A special sealant is added inside the airtight tire, forming a seal between the tire and the rim. The tire is then filled with air.

Fixing an Ebike Tire With a Tube

You will need tire levers, 2-3, a patch kit, sandpaper, a valve stem remover, a pump, and a spare tube that fits your specific ebike tire. 

Given the complexity, professional tire repair is advised to ensure this is done accurately to avoid future problems. 


  1. To remove the wheel, shift your ebike into gear and engage the brakes to secure it. Then, loosen the nuts on the axle and remove the wheel.
  1. Deflate the tire by using the valve stem to release all the air from the tire.
  1. Remove the tire using the tire levers to pry one side of the tire off the rim. Work your way around the rim, prying off one side at a time.
  1. Locate the puncture by visually inspecting for holes or tears.
  1. Next, patch the tube. Rough up the area around the puncture with sandpaper, then apply the patch according to the manufacturer’s directions, making sure to get a good seal.
  1. Reinflate the patched tube and check for any leaks. If the patch is good, fully inflate the tube.
  1. To reinstall the tire, carefully position one side back onto the rim, working your way around the tire, using your thumbs to push the tire bead back onto the rim. The final section may be tight, requiring tire levers to complete the process.
  1. Reinstall the wheel by mounting it back onto the forks or frame, aligning it properly, and tightening the axle nuts securely.
  1. As a final check, inflate the tire according to the correct PSI on the sidewall of your tire, and spin the wheel to make sure it’s straight and there is no rubbing.

Fixing a Tubeless Ebike Tire

This type of ebike tire repair requires 2-3 tire levers, tubeless tire plugs in various sizes, a tubeless puncture tool, Reamer for larger punctures, an air compressor, and a tubeless sealant injector. Professional repair is advised.


  1. Locate the puncture.
  1. Deflate the tire using the valve stem.
  1. Remove the tire if it is a large puncture.
  1. Insert the plug using the puncture tool by pushing it into the hole from the outside and feeding it through the tire until the mushroom head expands on the inside, sealing the hole.
  1. Trim the excess if necessary.
  1. Reinflate the tire using a compressor and reinstall it if you removed it.

Consult Electrified E-bikes for stress-free service and tire repair. Correct ebike tire repair is important and sometimes tricky. Make it easy by scheduling an appointment with one of our service technicians.

We have the expertise and the tools to make ebike tire repair simple!

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