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How Often Should an Electric Bike Be Serviced?

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Electric bikes are a fun, environmentally friendly way to tackle your daily commute. However, they are machines that need regular maintenance to protect your investment and provide optimal safety and performance.

Electric bikes are a fun, environmentally friendly way to tackle your daily commute. However, they are machines that need regular maintenance to protect your investment and provide optimal safety and performance.

General Rules for Electric Bike Service

As an electric bike owner, you play a vital role in ensuring the longevity and performance of your bike. Basic electric bike service is recommended every six months or 1,000 miles, whichever comes first.  

This service includes regular inspections, minor adjustments, cleaning, and lubrication.

You should perform frequent tune-ups if you commute daily, carry regular cargo, and ride intensely on rough terrain, rain, and mud. Frequent riders should perform electric bike service every 3-4 months or 500 miles.

If you are a casual rider who does only light riding, uses minimal pedal assist, and carries limited cargo, servicing every 12-18 months or 1,500 miles should be sufficient.

Type of Servicing 

  • Inspection every 100 miles. A quick check of basic components like tire pressure, brakes, chain wear, and loose or corroding bolts is recommended. This light service can be done at home or by a qualified e-bike service department, like Electrified E-bikes.
  • A regular tune-up should be performed every 300-1,000 miles. A more comprehensive service and inspection, including adjustments, lubrication, and minor repairs, should also be performed. This is best done by a professional service department.
  • A Complete overhaul should be scheduled every 1,000-1,500 miles. This entails disassembling and inspecting all components and replacing parts where necessary. A professional service technician is highly recommended for this service.

What Gets Serviced?

Drivetrain: Chain cleaning, lubrication, and adjustments for smooth gear changes are all part of drivetrain servicing.

Brakes: Inspection of brake pad wear and proper function.

Tires: Tires are inspected for wear and tear and proper air pressure.

Wheels are inspected for spoke tension and truing the wheels if required. 

Truing a wheel is a complex process that requires specialized tools to maintain the wheel’s roundness and proper spoke tension. This corrects rim imbalances for a perfectly round rim that spins correctly, reduces tire wear, improves braking, and increases overall bike handling.

The electrical system is checked to verify battery health and connections for optimal performance.

Software updates. Making sure your e-bike’s software is up-to-date will ensure compatibility and any bug fixes. 

Simple At-Home Maintenance 

A professional should always perform major maintenance because they have the expertise, specialized tools, and manufacturer training to ensure your e-bike is serviced correctly.

However, you can do some simple things at home to keep your bike looking and running its best between regularly scheduled maintenance.

  1. Regular cleaning can be performed at home with a toothbrush, diluted dish detergent, and a hose. Clean the chain and derailleur to remove grease and grime. Follow with a full lubrication to ensure a smooth ride and prevent unnecessary wear.
  1. Maintain proper tire pressure. Checking tire pressure before each ride is crucial for properly operating your e-bike. Use a tire gauge to inflate to the factory-specified PSI listed on the side of your tire.
  1. Chain cleaning. Use an old toothbrush to remove dust, dirt, or greasy build-up, and after cleaning, lubricate for smooth operation.
  1. Brake inspections should be done regularly by squeezing both brakes to ensure they work smoothly and grip properly.

Consistent basic care is important for optimal performance and maximum life. Scheduling regular cleaning, lubrication, component checks, and proper storage will keep your e-bike operating at its best.

At Electrified E-bikes, we pride ourselves on our superior maintenance department. We would be happy to help you with all your service needs.

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